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I'm a doctor, not a rating post!

The basics.
Name/Alias: Clare/Clafre
Age: Oh, good, she's seventeen.
Country: USA

Hobbies: Drawing, making graphics, RPing, playing/learning the piano, singing, listening to music, video games, paint chatting, online chatting, html/basic programming, tutoring Japanese, being generally dumb
Likes: Music, video games, cartoons, anime, art, the internet, being busy, having things to do, food, collecting horrible looking things, manly men, beautiful women, reading, violins, heights, crowds, being with people, roller coasters, choirs, harmony, engrish, graphics, laughing, winging things, summer, warm weather, distractions
Dislikes: Having nothing to do, bugs that fly, geometry and some algebra, chemistry, people who are weak, people who force their views on others, bigotry, being cold, winter, monotonous noise, when people don't stand up for themselves, waiting for things, being alone without my MP3 player or something else to do, having to be quiet
Fears: Death of other people, bugs flying into my face, wide open spaces, empty spaces
Describe yourself in three words: Cynical, driven, ridiculous

Fly a little higher…
Strong points: I don't mince words, I'll sing in front of anyone without being afraid, I'm both physically and mentally tough, I'll push through anything to get what I need, I'm open-minded, I'm intensely optimistic, I cam maintain a positive attitute longer than anyone else I know
Weak points: Sometimes I'm over-sensitive to other people, sometimes I'm not sensitive enough. If they aren't having fun, people are a LOT of hassle, I get sidetracked easily, I get overly attatched to some people

Favorite colors?: Red and blue. They're vivid and strong.
What were/are your three favorite subjects in school?: Choir, Japanese and History/English are in a tie for third.
What era or recent decade would you fancy yourself living in?: I think I'd thrive in the 60's and 70's. Fighting for your rights and surrounded by amazing music. ♥
How would most people describe you?: Headstrong, approachable, funny, confident and smart.
Would you describe yourself the same way? Why or why not?: I think I'm more of a cynic than a comic, and I'm only smart when it comes to what I'm interested in.
If you could have dinner with anyone of your choosing, dead or alive, who would it be?: Pete Townshend, the guitarist of The Who. I'd like to have a discussion about how he succeds so well without the ability to read music, and maybe pick up a bit of inspiration from him along the way.
What is your favorite quote, and why?: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi. It's super-inspirational, and it's just so positive. I have a ring with that quote on it.

Red alert!
Would you honestly risk your own life to save a complete stranger?: Well, yeah! It might be scary as hell, but if it saves somebody, it's worth it.
When confronted with your doppelganger from another universe, how do you convince those around you that you are the original?: Well, damn. I'd probably start spouting off inside jokes that my "twin" couldn't possibly know.
When spending the evening with your significant other, is your communicator on, or off?: It's on. What if there's an emergency, and I'm needed?
Someone is threatening to harm your best friend with a weapon. How do you diffuse (or escalate) the situation?: Try to calm down the dude with the weapon with words, but if it doesn't work, take them out with a SUPER DOUBLE-TEAM ATTACK.
The current away team has been taken hostage and their communicators are not working. What do you do to try to rescue them?: First, attempt to establish contact with the threatening party. If I can't weasel the away team out with words, then I guess I'd beam down to the surface with a couple of red shirts.

Star Trek IX.
Which character do you relate to the most, and why?: I think I relate the most to Kirk. We have the same leap-without-looking attitude, and neither of us believe in no-win scenarious. Also, I can realte to his confidence and optimistic outlook.
What color is your regulation uniform/which Starfleet department do you work for?: Oh, I'm totally in command. COMMAND YELLOW, BABY.
The bridge is empty and the captain's chair is unoccupied. To sit, or not to sit? If yes, do you spin around?: Oh, I sit in it and spin like there's no tomorrow.
The Enterprise has been contaminated by an airborne aphrodisiac. Who do you end up shagging?: Oh man. Probably Bones, he's damn attractive and would probably take the most care of me, being a doctor and all.

Anything Else?: Not really. Just know that I don't have a problem if you dudes vote me as a man.
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