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I'm a doctor, not an Orion slave girl!

The basics.
Name/Alias: Pink
Age: 18
Country: Canada

Hobbies: See "Likes." I don't see how those two are any different. If I like doing something, it's most likely a hobby.
Likes: I love writing, language, wordplay, puns, reading, learning things I'm interested in, when things are neat and tidy, bright or nice clothes, the internet, video games, dancing (just randomly, not choreographed or lessons or anything), singing (see: dancing), happy music, musicals, books, being around friends, being alone. I like learning new things about my friends and having meaningful conversations. I like optimists, polite people, good friends, the kind of people who stop rumors. I like outgoing people too.
Dislikes: I abhor writer's block, poorly written anything/everything, open verse poetry, random humour, effortless humour (quoting Superbad and expecting to be considered clever), heavy drugs, tattoos (on myself), stupid questions, unironic hypocrisy, people who pounce on people who use the word "hate" lightly despite knowing they don't really mean it. I don't like people who take their lives for granted, people who take their friends for granted, preachy religious or preachy anti-religious people.
Fears: Open water, insanity, co-dependence. Not necessarily in that order.
Describe yourself in three words: Rational, witty, confident.

Fly a little higher…
Strong points: I'm very polite, personable and nice. I like meeting new people and try to like everyone I come in contact with. I give people the benefit of the doubt (usually), I'm trusting despite having a lot of shit thrown on me by previous best friends. If the silver lining is in fact there, I can and will find it; I'm happy, I like being helpful. I dress well, I'm confident, original and witty. I can be serious and silly in even quantities, and I'm logical and mature. I'm a good-hearted person but I don't take shit - however, I can read people and a situation, and I tend to take the route that's most comfortable for everyone.
Weak points: I'm a wonderful procrastinator, a horrible borrow, and have a pretty poor sense of responsibility when it comes to assignments or duties. I try to be helpful, but more often just wind up getting in the way. I have a low tolerance for other peoples' repetitive emotional problems, though I try to be supportive of the real ones. I'm more logical than I am emotional, which means I don't empathize well, though I try to. (I tend to comfort by pointing out the rational conclusions in a situation rather than offering hollow, vague reassurances.) I don't relate well to people my age because my sense of humor is usually more developed (I don't mean that in a snobbish way - I just can't really enjoy myself when an entire conversation revolves around why Nick & Norah was totally the best movie ever, or how stoned you got at your boyfriend's brother's football coach's barber's wife's kegger).

Favorite colors?: Dusty rose has always been a favourite, as well as most blues. I lean toward cool colours, nothing too soft or feminine, but also nothing too harsh and bright.
What were/are your three favorite subjects in school?: Writing, because A) I'm good at it and B) it was always an interesting class that embraced creative thinking. Psychology because it's just an interest of mine, reading people and getting to see what makes them tick (or not, as the case may sometimes be). Drama, because I love exploring the life of someone else, messing around with intonations, criticising what makes or breaks a line.
What era or recent decade would you fancy yourself living in?: I have to say I couldn't really picture myself in an era less tolerant than this one - more tolerant, certainly, but not less. ("Tolerant"'s not even a word I like. "Tolerance Day?" To hell with that. What's so wrong about "Acceptance Day." I don't want to be tolerated.) Though I find history fascinating and my personal style is all that classy high-necked Victorian goodness. Petticoats and waistcoats in equal measure (I'm quite androgynous).
How would most people describe you?: Honestly? You'd have to ask them. I find this to be somewhat of a strange question considering every other question is asking me to describe myself. So I'm not going to answer this one. I can't speak for others. (Can you tell I'm pointedly avoiding the word "illogical"?)
Would you describe yourself the same way? Why or why not?: See above. Decide for yourself.
If you could have dinner with anyone of your choosing, dead or alive, who would it be?: I'm going to be indulgent here and say Rachel Nichols, as I currently have a rather embarrassingly large crush on her. (Or it would be embarrassing if I weren't telling the entire universe about it at every turn.) But if I really had the pick of anyone in history? I honestly can't say right now. It's a pretty big decision. (Irony of ironies: I finally pick someone and they turn out to be a closet anorexic.)
What is your favorite quote, and why?: "I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best." Walt Whitman. It's always spoken to me.

Red alert!
Would you honestly risk your own life to save a complete stranger?: I'd like to think yes. A recent experience has taught me that I am a strong individual, I can keep a cool head under pressure in order to support myself and others. But rappel down the Eiffel tower as it collapses to snatch a wayward tourist from the jaws of death? Who knows. It's a big question, I'd really need something more specific to go on, and these applications are rather famously unspecific.
When confronted with your doppelganger from another universe, how do you convince those around you that you are the original?: Inside jokes, of course. I have a floppityjillion with everyone.
When spending the evening with your significant other, is your communicator on, or off?: On, but only in case of emergencies. I'm not one of those people that texts in front of their friends. It's rude.
Someone is threatening to harm your best friend with a weapon. How do you diffuse (or escalate) the situation?: Encourage everyone to take a breath and let themselves simmer. I'd do everything to keep it from coming to blows, but if it did, I'd have her back.
The current away team has been taken hostage and their communicators are not working. What do you do to try to rescue them?: I don't know. Where am I? What are the circumstances? Obviously I'd formulate a plan, but I can't tell you what that plan would be without knowing the situation in question. I guess, long story short, I take risks. Just not stupid ones.

Star Trek IX.
Which character do you relate to the most, and why?: Anyone underestimated. I suppose she's such a background character she doesn't really count, but the fanon characterisation of Gaila has led me to identify her emotionally. But then again, I'm most interested in minor characters, I just happen to be in that section of fandom more, so regardless of what I say, I'm fairly biased. I also relate to Uhura, though I'm not nearly as emotion-driven as she is.
What color is your regulation uniform/which Starfleet department do you work for?: Outright, not captain or security guard because A) I just don't want all that responsibility (when would I ever get a moment to myself?), and B) I like living, thanks. Considering how fantastic Star Trek medical science is ("All right, I'm just going to shine this light in your eye and that'll take care of your leukemia...") I don't think I'd much mind being a doctor - also considering that money is irrelevant in the future, hence it would only be a lot of years committed to my education and not crippling financial debt. However, I could also see myself in engineering, because when something goes wrong there, there's always an answer. I'd be very good at diverting power to the deflector array to pop some kettle corn on the ship's hull, or what have you.
The bridge is empty and the captain's chair is unoccupied. To sit, or not to sit? If yes, do you spin around?: Yes, I'll sit. It's just a chair, and I've been standing all damn day. Depending on my mood, I may spin just a little bit.
The Enterprise has been contaminated by an airborne aphrodisiac. Who do you end up shagging?: Gaila, headache be damned, because she's totally on the Enterprise.

Anything Else?: I won't force you to suffer through anymore of my tl;dr. Promise.
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