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Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a Panda

The basics.
Name/Alias: Laura
Age: 23
Country: Italia

Hobbies: hanging out with my friends, playing videogames
Likes: Reading, ninjas, making jokes, writing, cats, animals, video games, traveling, my friends, music, manga, summer, chocolate, hanging out with my friends, the internet
Dislikes: being stressed, being ignored, close-minded people, trains, waking up early, homework, rain, mediocrity, liars, spiders, discrimination, ignorance, having nothing to do
Fears: being alone, failure
Describe yourself in three words: determined, impulsive, friendly

Fly a little higher…
Strong points: confident, determined, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, unpredictable
Weak points: Impatient, stubborn, lazy, easily distracted, impulsive
Favorite colors?: Green, blue, violet
What were/are your three favorite subjects in school?: English, Italian, History
What era or recent decade would you fancy yourself living in?: I can dance jive so I'm going with 50s ( weak explanation is weak )
How would most people describe you?: Ack.. Well, my friends alway say that I'm friendly and intelligent ( let's hope it's true ) mostly confident, but too impulsive for my own good. And that I always speak my mind. with those I don't know as well
Would you describe yourself the same way? Why or why not?: Uhm.. probably yes. I mean, I think I'm friendly most of the time, since I'm a people's person and I love to have fun. And I'm definitely confident, mostly because I do the best all the time and I don't care about my opponent so I can easily mentally picture myself reaching my goal. And I know I'm impulsive by default, I can't really help myself! I always act before thinking
If you could have dinner with anyone of your choosing, dead or alive, who would it be?: Oscar Wilde, for sure. I would like to tell him what a good job he did, tell him that I admire him so much
What is your favorite quote, and why?: Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind
I simply like this quote! Probably because I'm not good at following rules ( but I'm really good at breaking them )

Red alert!
Would you honestly risk your own life to save a complete stranger?: Well..I'm mostly reckless and too impulsive for my own good so I think that I would definitely risk my life to save him/her
When confronted with your doppelganger from another universe, how do you convince those around you that you are the original?: Uhm.. probably just tell them something that only the real me would know
When spending the evening with your significant other, is your communicator on, or off?: On.. you never know what may happen
Someone is threatening to harm your best friend with a weapon. How do you diffuse (or escalate) the situation?: do something that would drive his attention towards me ( like.. tell him everything that comes to mind in order to distract him temporarily ) and than kick his ass before he harms my friend
The current away team has been taken hostage and their communicators are not working. What do you do to try to rescue them?: I would do something unpredictable so that they may not predict my movements

Star Trek IX.
Which character do you relate to the most, and why?: Don't want to sway votes
What color is your regulation uniform/which Starfleet department do you work for?: Not red, for sure
The bridge is empty and the captain's chair is unoccupied. To sit, or not to sit? If yes, do you spin around?: Yes yes! I've always dream of doing it !
The Enterprise has been contaminated by an airborne aphrodisiac. Who do you end up shagging?: Leonard Mccoy. I'm not sure why but I think we could be great friends, plus Karl Urban is very hot!

Anything Else?: I'm hilian's sister. Hi! :D
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