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Dammit, I'm a doctor not a beauty queen!

The basics.
Name/Alias: Gwyn
Age: twenty-three
Country: USA

I read a lot, though lately I've run out of books. Most of my downtime is spent in front of a computer doing who knows what. Mostly doing some sort of work. I listen to music a lot, it's necessary though widely depending on my current mood. I don't have many friends but the few I do have I like to hang out with, this usually entails going to the movies or just drinking all night.
I like a lot of things really... I don't even know exactly where to start the list.
People. Plain and simple. Most of them anyway.
This is kinda hard... I don't like bugs. This I'm certain. They creep me out. And absolute darkness. That's a bit unnerving.
Describe yourself in three words:
Funny - Cynical - Loyal

Fly a little higher…
Strong points:
Intelligence, good at giving advice, level headed, fast learner, witty, strong will, creative, funny, a loyal friend, protective, honest,

Weak points:
Emotional, cynical, sarcastic, honest, short tempered, tends to procrastinate, sometimes oblivious, tends to swear, over analyzes, pessimistic, condescending

Favorite colors?:
Blue. I like blue. In any shade really.

What were/are your three favorite subjects in school?:
Anything science related, I found that interesting. History was a pretty easy subject too. And Literature too I suppose, I had a writing streak back in the day.

What era or recent decade would you fancy yourself living in?:
Oh wow, never thought of it really. I'm gonna say the future... I love technology, so I'd love to see how it developed... though technically I wouldn't even be born yet... or doing this... now... hm.

How would most people describe you?:
Hm... I would think that they would say I had a great personality or something flattering along those lines. Though I doubt it. Most would probably just say I'm a good person... kinda.

Would you describe yourself the same way? Why or why not?:
Meh, I'm not a terrible person. So I guess I would agree. I can be pretty awesome.

If you could have dinner with anyone of your choosing, dead or alive, who would it be?:
Never thought of it really... to be honest I'm not quite sure.

What is your favorite quote, and why?:
I have a few, though not quite favorite just some that are memorable. But one does come to mind right now. "I am here and you will know that I am the best and will hear me." by Leontyne Price. It's a fancy way of saying I'm awesome.

Red alert!
Would you honestly risk your own life to save a complete stranger?:
For my friends, of course. But for a single person? That is questionable. If it were a group of people, even if I knew them or not, then there would be no doubt. I would do it for them.

When confronted with your doppelganger from another universe, how do you convince those around you that you are the original?:
I suppose it would depend on how me and the other me differ. If we are exact, that would be a problem. Though I know I would probably say something, not thinking about it, and that would most likely give me away to be the true me.

When spending the evening with your significant other, is your communicator on, or off?:
On. It's always on. I only ever turn it off when I go to sleep or if I want to be left alone.

Someone is threatening to harm your best friend with a weapon. How do you diffuse (or escalate) the situation?:
Reverse psychology is nice sometimes, but that doesn't always work. I'd just have to do the best I can to protect them is all, since I kinda doubt I'd be able to really fight them off.

The current away team has been taken hostage and their communicators are not working. What do you do to try to rescue them?:
Simple, set up another team, go in there and kick some ass. At this point theres really no need to be discreet.

Star Trek IX.
Which character do you relate to the most, and why?:
I honestly say Bones. I'm currently in med school, I've been through two nasty split ups which ultimately turned me into this sarcastic and cynical old fart. We have similar personality traits and also... he's just fantastic. Now on the other hand, most of my friends would argue and say I'm more Spock-ish due to the fact that I'm stoic, too intelligent for my own good, and can never understand the punchline of a joke.

What color is your regulation uniform/which Starfleet department do you work for?:
Blue. One, cause I like it and two well... I can really only see myself doing something either science or medical. Its the only thing I'm good at.

The bridge is empty and the captain's chair is unoccupied. To sit, or not to sit? If yes, do you spin around?:
The fun thing would be to simply unmount the chair, and hide it or even better, mount it to the ceiling... then watch the hilarity ensue while Jim tries to figure out that the heck happened.

The Enterprise has been contaminated by an airborne aphrodisiac. Who do you end up shagging?:
Oh dear lord... I know I may not be able to help it, but I'd probably try to lock myself in my quarters and wait for the chaotic mating festival to stop.

Anything Else?: At the moment... no.

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