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The Reboot!Trek Rating Community

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The Reboot!Rating Community
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Star Trek IX Rating

This is the LiveJournal rating community for the reboot Star Trek movie!
A rating community is where you fill out a given application, post it, and have other people comment with which character they think you're most like.


I.) This is a place for people to chill out and have fun. The Star Trek fandom has been really great, and I don't want to see wank starting here, of all places.
II.) Everybody likes to be rated. After you are rated, please continue to vote on other applications! :D
III.) Don't be scared of conformity. If everyone else sees Kirk and you see Chekov, don't hesitate to say so.
IV.) Please don't just name drop. Be sure you explain why you think someone is a particular character, whether it's an overall feeling or can be pinpointed in specific sections of the application. Also, make sure to bold your vote!
V.) When writing your application, please be as honest as possible, and don't go out of your way to be rated as a specific character. Half the fun is not knowing who you'll be rated as!
VI.) Please PM ballooned if you would like to be re-stamped. ♥
VII.) Include the phrase "I'm a doctor, not a..." in the subject line. Be creative with what Bones isn't!
VIII.) This community is just beginning, so it isn't mandatory to have 3 applications you have voted on just yet. However, once we hit over 20 applications, it will become obligatory to have links to the applications you voted on.
IX.) Have fun! YES, THIS IS A RULE. :|


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