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Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not Oscar the Friendly Grouch!// Regular Application.

The basics.
Name/Alias: Lauren
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hobbies: Psycholgical analysis, reading, running, playing volleyball, nature, playing guitar, music
Likes: Tea, quiet time alone, observing and analyzing people, watching old movies or horrible ones and laughing at them, anything to do with music, reading books and taking notes on them, baking, volunteering with animals, training for sports, gardening.
Dislikes: Loud people, clubbing, enclosed spaces, idiotic people, disrespectful people, this is getting to be people in general, isn't it? XDDD Drunk people, angry people, weak-willed people... -yammers on-
Fears:  Not being able to feel. I emotionally isolate myself from people because usually I'm afraid of getting hurt.
Describe yourself in three words: Gentle, serious, smart-ass (Technically four, but I believe a hyphenated word counts XD)

Fly a little higher…
Strong points: Kind, gentle, serious, sarcastic, moderately unintelligent, cynical, romantic, caring, a good listener, determined, diligent, mischevious.
Weak points: Stoic, stubborn, I suppress my anger and exhaustion until I eventually break down after three works of hard work and it takes me another week to recover. (XD)

Favorite colors?:
What were/are your three favorite subjects in school?: English, History IB, writing
What era or recent decade would you fancy yourself living in?: 1960s. Just because it was a brilliant time of awesomeness XD
How would most people describe you?: Probably odd. Different, definitely. I asked some people, they said 'lovely' and 'smart' and 'sporty'.  But for some reason people see me as a lady, or the strong and silent type. -shrugs-
Would you describe yourself the same way? Why or why not?: Not really. Probably because I'm modest to a fault.
If you could have dinner with anyone of your choosing, dead or alive, who would it be?: Oscar Wilde, Tchaikovsky or George Harrison.
What is your favorite quote, and why?: 'Convinced myself, I seek not to convince.' It's a quote that shows you do not need other people's approval to work ahead. All you need is to be convinced of your own aspirations and beliefs, and that should drive you ahead in life. Nobody ever believed in me, and that's probably why I have such a vigorous work schedule I set for myself.

Red alert!
Would you honestly risk your own life to save a complete stranger?: Probably. I actually have done it before.
When confronted with your doppelganger from another universe, how do you convince those around you that you are the original?: XD Point out his shifty goatee- No I'm kidding XDDD I'd probably sing. I do opera. Or I'd rattle off facts about serial killers |D -wants to become either a muscian or a forensic psychologist-
When spending the evening with your significant other, is your communicator on, or off?: Depends if I'm expected to have it on or not.
Someone is threatening to harm your best friend with a weapon. How do you diffuse (or escalate) the situation?: Use psychological mind games to get them to drop the weapon.
The current away team has been taken hostage and their communicators are not working. What do you do to try to rescue them?: Beam down in a search party with several redshirts (For bait.)

Star Trek IX.
Which character do you relate to the most, and why?: Probably Chekov. Simply because I graduated school two years early and was accepted to various honour schools.  Superficial, I know, but I don't believe I'm conflicted enough to be Spock in the 2009 version. I do have a duality to my personality that I struggle with, but that is mainly due to depression.
What color is your regulation uniform/which Starfleet department do you work for?: Science, definitely.
The bridge is empty and the captain's chair is unoccupied. To sit, or not to sit? If yes, do you spin around?: -imagines mental image- XDDD I'd probably touch it and run away giggling like a girl XD
The Enterprise has been contaminated by an airborne aphrodisiac. Who do you end up shagging?: By the by, these are AMAZING questions. And probably McCoy. XD

Anything Else?: Turnip XD
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